DESIGNFUL is a visual communication studio that provides design services in the fields of branding, packaging, advertising and illustration in printed or online format. We create new high standard visual concepts. Our studio provides clients personalized, liable and reliable service throughout the process, as we strive for excellence.


Lilach Senesh / CEO Founder


Ability to lead project design process of concept construction from zero to final result through attentiveness, understanding and transformation of client needs unto products with high visual aesthetics and significant meaning that meet client's business and marketing needs.

Experience in teaching and supervising art and creation workshops.


2007- Today -Freelance designer in leading advertising company, design & branding studios. Among the companies: Adler, JWT, IMS, Shakedesign, Oz and more. Working on clients as: Shufersal, Excellence, Bank Hapoalim, Netvision, Office Depot, Avis, Hogla and more. 


2005-2007: Senior designer at Gitam branding BBDO DESIGN



MA-2018: M.Ed. Art Based Research at Oranim.

2005: Graduate of Visual communications Dept. at Wizo Academy of Design & Education

לילך סנש - Designful